What is MRI? Is it Safe?

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the process of “taking a picture” of tissues in your body. In this case, we are taking a picture of your child’s brain.
  • An MRI scanner is like a camera, but it uses a powerful magnet and radio frequencies to take a picture.
  • The scanner is a long tube surrounded by a giant magnet.
  • MRI is safe and non-invasive – it is approved by the Food & Drug Administration for use with young children.
  • No needles or sedation involved
  • Unlike x-rays, there is no radiation
A few days before the scan...

Practice having your child sleep on their back at home if they sleep on their side or stomach…


Practice at home with the habituation kit:

  • Place the soft foam earplugs in your child’s ears after she or he falls asleep.
  • Play the sounds of MRI noises during your child’s sleep progressively louder volumes to habituate your sleeping child to the noises.
What if...

My child falls asleep to (or sleeps with) certain music or white noise?

My child has a security ____?

Scan Night

Getting your child to sleep…


Once your child is asleep..

The scan begins...

Once your child is positioned comfortably and in a deep sleep, the scanning will begin.